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How to Write Your Own Affirmations

How to Write Your Own Affirmations

How to Write Your Own Affirmations

How to Write Your Own Affirmations


Affirmations are everywhere, and they have the strong ability to lift your spirits to get through hard times. This is because we’re all highly suggestible, even if we think we’re not!


Affirmations help us to keep a positive attitude about life. It’s only natural that we’ll get more out of these positive sayings if we formulate them ourselves. Writing our own affirmations makes them personal to us, which can then help us to get through our own individual situations.


When you start writing your own affirmations, keep these tips in mind:


  1. Make them personal. When you write affirmations, it’s important to remember to use “I” in them. They are personal to you after all.


  • Example: “I am having an exceptional day today!”


  1. Use the present tense. Affirmations are built in order to change our feelings now, which is why you want to stay positive and strong in this moment. When you use the past tense, you get nostalgic. When you use the future tense, you get hopeful. The present tense helps you feel the difference right now.


  • Example: “I am feeling relaxed.”


  1. Be down to earth. This just means to use your own style and try not to make your affirmations too formal or wishy-washy. You want to capture your own voice.


  • Bad Example: “Presently I feel the urge to enjoy my existence.”
  • Good Example: “I enjoy my life.”


  1. Be short. Affirmations are meant to be short, simple and sweet. Stay on target and make your affirmation a one-liner. If it’s too wordy, try breaking it up into a few affirmations. The trick is to stick with one simple idea at a time.


  • Example: “I am in perfect health.”


  1. Make it positive. Affirmations are positive statements, so avoid negative words like “not.” You’re using affirmations to make a life improvement and positive statements motivate you to make this improvement.


  • Example: “I am at peace with my mind.”


  1. Make it believable. You don’t want your affirmation to sound like something out of this world. If it’s not believable, you won’t take it seriously and your subconscious will just dismiss it.


  • Example: “I am choosing to be happy today.”


Believe in the Power of Affirmations


When you say your affirmations, believe them to be true. Affirmations are truly powerful sets of words as long as you believe what you’re telling yourself.


Affirmations alone have been known to help people cure addictions. Women even use them during childbirth to help them stay calm and collected during natural delivery.


First, set your eyes on your goal and then write your affirmations to get yourself there.


Write Them Down


Practice always makes perfect. Write down the affirmations you’re feeling. Then go over the list above and make sure that your affirmations follow the rules. Once they do, start using your affirmations and feel the difference. Say your affirmations to yourself daily. Take deep breaths and keep your eyes on your goal.


Also if need be, tweak your affirmations. These positive sayings aren’t written in stone, so as you change, your affirmations can change, too.


It’s best to keep your affirmations in a place where you can see them. You can simply keep a list in your pocket or you can post them around the house. Paste them on the bathroom mirror, on your computer, or wherever you know you’ll see them each day.


Affirmations can make all the difference in reaching your goals. Give them a try and enjoy the benefits these positive statements can make in your life.


I hope you enjoyed this short read on How to Write Your Own Affirmations.  You can find a copy of my free report on how to create an abundance mindset here.


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9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Stress

9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays without Stress

Irish Proverb

9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Stress

While the holidays have the power to bring some of the most joyful times in your life, they can also be the cause of a great deal of stress. The stress can stem from many different situations such as family disagreements, scheduling conflicts, and money issues.


No matter what situation your stress is coming from, it’s important to take a step back from the stress to hold onto your sanity.


Try following some or all of these 9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without Stress:


  1. Get Your Shopping Done Early. When you get your shopping out of the way early, you can save yourself stress on a number of levels. You won’t be battling other shoppers during peak shopping times. You won’t have to worry about making split second decisions on gifts. You’ll also have the time to craft a budget to help make your money stretch to the best of your ability.


  1. Take Time to Yourself. We often take the time to think of others during the holidays. While that’s very important to maintain, you can’t forget about yourself in the process. Remember to schedule “me” time and concentrate on winding down. In order to take good care of others, you first have to take care of your own health and well being.


  1. Keep a Cool Head. While it may not be a problem with every family, sometimes the togetherness causes conflicts and clashing. Before you enter a family holiday event, tell yourself that you’ll take the high road. You don’t want an argument to ruin your chance at fun during the holidays.


  1. Keep Up Your Exercise Routine. Sometimes the thrill of the holiday season can disrupt your daily routines. While a little break from exercise might not make a big difference in your physique, it might make a difference when it comes to your stress level. Try to keep up some form of exercise, as it will provide you with a release from stress.


  1. Watch your Diet. It’s not fair to yourself to completely avoid indulging around the holidays, but at the same time you should always remain in control. Watch what you’re putting into your body, because large amounts of certain foods can definitely affect how you feel. The two big ones to watch are caffeine and sweets.


  1. Buy Yourself a Present. While you’ve been budgeting money for everyone else, there’s no reason why you can’t buy yourself a little something. After all, you’re sure to be getting something that you want. You can even schedule yourself a massage, which is an excellent way to maintain a healthy stress level.


  1. Get Enough Rest. The excitement definitely kicks in during the holidays. Sometimes you’ll lose sleep because of stress, and sometimes you’ll lose sleep because of excitement. Either way, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by concentrating on relaxation and getting to bed at a good hour. If you start a pattern of getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night, you could be setting yourself up for stress without even really knowing it.


  1. Learn to Delegate. If you come to the realization that you’ve been put in charge of too many things, don’t pile on the stress – instead, delegate the tasks. Be wise enough to know when you need some help and ask for it. You can even get the kids involved with certain preparations.


  1. Be Flexible. Of course you have an image in your head of how you’d like certain holiday events to play out. You also know that things don’t always go according to plan. Realize that certain things will not be perfect, and you won’t feel so much stress if things do go wrong. Go with the flow and have back up plans if necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this quick read on 9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays without Stress.  Please come back and visit often.  I am always posting useful personal development and motivational hacks.

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Do You Have a Prosperity Mindset

Do You Have a Prosperity Mindset?

Do You Have a Prosperity Mindset?

Do You Have a Prosperity Mindset?


If you don’t already have a prosperity mindset, it might be a hard thing to imagine. There are certain ways you can chase your dreams while keeping wealth and prosperity in mind at the same time.


A prosperity mindset encourages you to take action each day to improve your life on numerous levels, such as health, wealth, love or anything else you deem important.


Study The Actions Of Successful People


Perhaps this is the most important suggestion. Learn by example. Find someone successful whom you admire and do what they do. These individuals serve as proof that your dreams can come true.


  • Find someone who has had the same kind of success that you desire.
  • Study what they’ve done right as well as their mistakes.


It’s always easier when we have an example to follow. Find a way to ask successful people questions. You might be surprised to know that successful people love to inspire others to find success as well. They know that there’s plenty of success to go around. That’s the prosperity mindset in action!


It’s All About Being Positive


If you believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams. The moment you think you can’t do something, you can’t. You know that negative feelings arise from time to time and that’s okay. However, you need to keep a positive image of the big picture in your mind at all times.


  • Picture yourself reaching your goals and imagine how it feels.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Write prosperity affirmations.
  • Be an open person.


When you open up to new opportunities, you open up to prosperity. Stay motivated and don’t be afraid of change.


Setting Goals And Action Plans


You can dream all day about where you’d like your life to go, but without a goal or an action plan nothing will happen. Take time to think about the big picture and then draw in the lines of how you’re going to get there.


  • Break down your goals into smaller steps.
  • Set manageable and achievable goals.
  • Stick to your plan whenever possible.


Don’t Give Up


You have to have the dedicated motivation and drive to tell yourself that you’ll stop at nothing before you reach success. When you talk to or study the actions of someone who is successful, they’ll likely tell you tales of their many failures. There were probably times when they felt like giving up, but they were able to push through defeat.


  • Realize that everyone feels like giving up, but we can’t give in to these feelings.
  • Keep the image of your goal in your mind.
  • Make changes if you need to, but continue taking action toward your goal.


Get A Life Coach


People with prosperity mindsets are all different. They have different approaches to getting what they want and they have different definitions of what prosperity is for them.


There are certain things they do have in common though. They all have a hungry enthusiasm for life and a positive attitude that they’ll continue to use on the journey forward.


If you feel that you lack any of the core beliefs and are still unsure about whether or not you can adopt a prosperity mindset, you could always look into getting advice from a life coach. They’ll be able to break down your problems and concerns and tailor a plan that will work for you personally.


When you implement these strategies, you’ll gain a renewed prosperity mindset that will help you on your life journey.


I certainly hope that you have enjoyed this article asking the age old question “Do You Have a Prosperity Mindset?”.  Please come back and visit often for more great Personal Development discussions.


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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Discovering Your Life's Purpose

What Do You Love to Do?

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose


There is a purpose for your life, whether you believe it or not. You may have to take several paths, but with a little digging, you can find where you’re meant to be.


The first clue to discovering your life’s purpose is to consider what natural talents, gifts and abilities you’re born with.


  • Are you artistic or musical?
  • Is it easy for you to talk to people?
  • Are you a natural communicator?
  • Do you love to socialize?
  • Do you love to decorate and rearrange your home?
  • Are you good at taking charge?
  • Are you creative and crafty?
  • Have you got a grasp on electronics and technical gadgets?
  • Do you understand computer technology?
  • Do people compliment you on your style?
  • Are you a good writer?
  • Do you have good organizational skills?


Discovering your life’s purpose is easy once you figure out what talents naturally live within you. You can then understand what you’re supposed to be doing with those gifts and talents. This is your purpose in life.


What Do You Love to Do?


Have you ever sat down and really reflected on what you love to do?


There are literally millions of possibilities, so start with the gifts and talents you were born with. From there figure out what you love to do that requires using those gifts and talents.


  • If you’re artistic or musical, teaching others how to draw, paint or play an instrument may be your calling in life.
  • Being naturally social, you might consider being an organizer for social events.
  • If you’re always redecorating and rearranging your home, why not get paid to do it and start an interior decorating business?
  • Being a natural born leader opens all kinds of doors that could lead you in many different directions. Does your church or other local community groups need someone to head up a department? You may find your purpose there.
  • If you’re good at making crafty things, helping at a preschool or elementary school may be fulfilling for you. Using your creative ability could open the door to a career in graphic arts as well.
  • Ar you technically minded, perhaps you might consider using your understanding of electronics to fix equipment or you might enjoy working in an electronics store.
  • If you have a strong knowledge of computers, you’re certain to find a career online or with a high tech company or you might even consider starting your own business.
  • If you’re naturally stylish and love to keep up with what’s new in the fashion world, perhaps designing your own line of clothing or accessories is your purpose. Or maybe you’d enjoy helping others discover what style works best for them by working in a clothing store. Another option may be to offer your services as a fashion consultant to those who are unemployed, so they can learn how to dress professionally for job interviews.
  • The love of writing may be something you don’t even realize yet. With blogging becoming the most popular way to market a business, getting paid to write is a great way to make money from home. Many people have started a simple blog that has turned into a money making machine. Start by writing on topics you already have knowledge about and go from there. You might be surprised at how much money you can make with your love of writing.
  • Using your organizational skills, you might be fond of going into homes and getting them ready for sale. Or helping elderly persons organize their homes. You could also offer your services online as an organizational consultant or teach those who aren’t naturally organized.

Finding your purpose in life simply takes self-reflection as well as some trial and error. Free yourself from wandering through life without purpose. We’re all here for a reason. And once your find your purpose and begin living it, you’ll feel happy and fulfilled!

I hope you have enjoyed this article on Discovering Your Life’s Purpose. Please come back and visit often for more Personal Development tips, tricks and insider secrets.

Keep moving forward every day and live life to the fullest!

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7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

Concentrate on enjoying the journey itself.

Consider these 7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose.


There are many avenues to explore when it comes to discovering your life purpose. Unfortunately, though, nobody else can find it for you. Since your life purpose is unique from anyone else’s, it’s a mission that you – and only you – can complete.


In your quest for passion, concentrate on enjoying the journey itself. Sometimes when you stop stressing about your life’s purpose, it falls into your lap!


Here are some 7 ways to discover your life purpose:


  1. Write about how you feel. Try journaling with a pen and paper, or grab your laptop and just start writing. Write about how you truly feel and what you want out of life. Remember that no one is going to read this other than you, so don’t be afraid to express your thoughts.
  • Go back and reread your entries every so often. Many times this process can bring you new realizations that you didn’t think of when you were writing it in the first place.


  1. Pursue your passions. If you’re passionate about a certain subject, maybe you can make a career or hobby out of it so that you can engage in activities that are personally meaningful to you. This way, each day of your life will feel like it matters and you will have a life purpose.


  1. Consider your talents. Think about the areas in which you naturally excel and see if you can turn these skills into something meaningful for you.


  • Many people are drawn to a life purpose that makes them feel like they’re making a true difference in the lives of other people. You may find it fulfilling to be using something you’re good at to help others that are in need.


  • For example, if you find that you’re good at comforting people, perhaps you can consider a career as a counselor.


  1. Converse with inspiring people. Strike up a conversation with someone who inspires you. While you might not be interested in the same things, you can talk about how they discovered their life purpose. Their triumphs and struggles will make good lessons for you in your journey to your purpose.


  1. What brings you joy? Reflect on the moments in your life when you’re most happy. What are you doing at these times? You can start the quest for your life purpose by using what already makes you happy.


  • Maybe you’re most happy when you’re just sitting at home with your family. That’s a wonderful gift!
  • Remember that you’re not necessarily searching for something exotic! After all, your life purpose may already be under your nose.


  1. Embrace change. Sometimes the thing that holds you back from self-discovery is a fear of change. There’s comfort and safety in not taking risks, but you also may never discover your life’s true purpose. Learn to embrace change because life is constantly changing around you.


  1. Uphold your values. Everyone has a set of values that they tend to adhere to in life. You can use your values as a starting point to discovering you life purpose. Make a list of your values with your most important ones at the top. Think about what you can do to honor those values in life every day and you may find your purpose.


Finding your purpose in life may not be as hard as you think. Use these strategies on your journey and one day soon you’ll realize that you’ve found the one feature of your life that makes everything worthwhile.  You can find more great resources here.


I hope that you enjoyed this article on the 7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose.  Please come back and visit often for more useful personal development strategies.


Keep moving forward every day and enjoy life to the fullest.

5 Simple Relaxation Tips

5 Simple Relaxation Tips

5 Simple Relaxation Tips

5 Simple Relaxation Tips


Everyone experiences times throughout the day where you just wish you could relax for even a few minutes.


You already know that relaxation helps your body re-energize, but sometimes you’re so busy and caught up in the moment that you just don’t have the time to unwind.


Well, fortunately there are simple ways to relax, even during your busiest days, that don’t require a lot of time or equipment.


Here are 5 Simple Relaxation Tips:


  1. When you’re in line at the grocery store: Instead of stressing out because there aren’t enough cashiers and every line has 5 people with heaping carts of groceries, use that time to relax your body by taking some deep breaths.


  • Deep breathing helps increase the oxygen in your blood. Your blood then circulates that extra oxygen throughout your body helping your inner systems recharge.


  • Taking five slow deep breaths will do the trick. The proper technique is to inhale and exhale deeply through your nose and out your mouth.


  • Not only will deep breathing help you relax, it’ll help to clear your mind, reduce brain fog, and you’ll feel much more alert and ready to tackle the next project on your plate.


  • Deep breathing can be done anywhere when you’re feeling stressed or just want to clear your mind.


  1. When you’re at work: It’s often hard to find time to relax at work. You might even get in trouble if you’re caught “relaxing.” Oh the horror! However, there are some techniques you can do while you’re at work to help create a sense of calm that aren’t so obvious to others.


  • If your job requires you to sit at a computer all day, make sure you get up and move around for a few minutes every hour. This helps circulate the blood throughout your body. Just moving the blood flow will make you feel more alert and focused.


  • While sitting at your desk, roll your head around, from side to side and from front to back with your eyes closed. This technique helps to relieve neck tension, increasing blood flow to your brain, which is a natural and easy way to relax.


  • If you’re on your feet all day, stretch out your back and sides by standing with your feet firm on the floor, shoulder width apart, and twist your upper body, including your head, slowly from side to side. This will loosen up your back muscles and spine, releasing tension throughout your body.


  • During a break or lunchtime, go for a walk. Walking is a great way to clear your mind and your body will benefit from the extra exercise as well.


  1. When you’re rushing through a busy day: Take just a few moments to daydream and escape the busyness of reality.


  • Daydreaming lets your imagination flow, causing instant relief from the stress of the real world.


  • Think of a place or experience that makes you feel happy or calm. Imagine how it smells, how the air feels, and who’s around.


  • After five minutes of a calming daydream you’ll feel relaxed, reenergized and ready to face the real world again.


  1. Wherever you’re at, smile: Smiling is proven to help relax and rejuvenate your body.


  • When you’re out and about, smile at others around you.


  • When you’re at work, smile at your co-workers. Not only will it help you relax, it’ll help relax them as well.


  • Smile at your children when you’re toting them around to all their different activities. This will create a peaceful environment you’ll all enjoy.


  1. When the going gets tough, laugh: Laughter’s proven to be an instant stress reliever. Now I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be seen as a nut case, so laughing out loud when you’re in line at the store or sitting at your desk may not be the best time. When you can, get someone involved in your laughter with you.


  • Tell a funny joke or story to a co-worker (at an appropriate time, of course).


  • Play a fun game or sing a silly song with your kids as you’re driving.


  • Watch funny videos on YouTube.


Engaging in these simple, everyday relaxation techniques will help to sustain and strengthen you throughout your day. It’ll also make it easier to unwind when you get home. Your friends, co-workers, and family will all appreciate the new, relaxed you!


Keep moving forward every day and enjoy life to the fullest.

Boost Your Attitude for Success

Boost Your Attitude for Success

Boost Your Attitude for Success

Boost Your Attitude for Success


Your attitude about life is one of the most important factors for success. A bad attitude gets you nowhere, while a good one can provide you with enough motivation to succeed beyond your dreams.


You may think that you already have a success-mindset, and perhaps you do. However, you can always benefit from strengthening that attitude and therefore boost your attitude for success.


Follow these strategies for improving your attitude for success:


  1. Find your inspiration. Discover what inspires you the most and use it to jumpstart your motivation whenever you go. Feeling inspired enables you to maintain the drive necessary to find success. Do anything you can within your power to find inspiration.


  • Make a list of your ultimate dreams, and then ask yourself if you’re on the right path. If you are, you’ll know that everything you’re doing will be rewarded.
  • If you don’t feel like you’re on the right path, perhaps it’s time for a change. Maybe there’s a deeper reason why you’ve felt a lack of motivation. Reflect on what this reason might be, and then decide on how you can renew your drive. When you’re on the right journey, you’ll feel inspired!


  1. Surround yourself with positive people. When you’re around positive and inspiring people, you’re more likely to adopt those traits into your own personality and go for your goals with enthusiasm. Negative people, on the other hand, tend to make you negative also.


  • If you must be around people that continually bring you down, do your best to avoid taking what they say to heart. You know that they don’t speak the truth. Keep the peace as best as you can to get through these situations and then move on.


  1. Take a leap. The best way to improve your attitude might be to just jump right into life. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and plunge forward towards your goals. People who take action find success. If you take action and start to see the results of your efforts, your attitude will only improve.
  • The increased drive and motivation you get from your actions can be the difference between success and failure.


  1. Strengthen your focus. Your focus can also play a role in your attitude. When you maintain driven toward success, it’s easier to have an optimistic attitude. If you have a lack of focus and don’t know where you’re going, it leads to being unmotivated and uncaring.


  1. Allow for mistakes. You’re only human and you will make mistakes from time to time. Be careful to avoid judging yourself harshly when this happens, as it negatively affects your self-confidence. If you work on more of a “go with the flow” attitude, you’ll find that you’re able to pick yourself back up and continue moving forward when you do make a mistake.


The main things to keep in mind are that the combo of inspiration, positive thoughts, and proper motivation can lead you to a healthy and positive attitude. Follow these strategies daily and you’ll notice a boost in your spirits!


Go here if you would like to see an additional resource.


Keep moving forward every day and enjoy life to the fullest.


The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich – a Classic


Though The Science of Making Money was revealed over 100 years back. There are many helpful tips within it for people that are striving to build better businesses and build better lives for themselves, their family and society as a whole.


You get what you have by doing things in a specific way. People who have been successful once will apply the strategy to other ventures and usually continue to grow. People who haven’t discovered the right way to use these strategies will continue to struggle. It does not matter how hard they work or how devoted to their roles they are they will never grow rich.


Wallace Wattles claims in this book that any individual that can find that formula will be able to grow wealthy.


So where is This Century-Old Secret?


Understanding how to go about things that will make you rich is the key. That key according to Mr.Wattles is in your head.


You are in control of what you do. So if you are continually failing and doing things wrong, it’s time to address the reasons why. The reasons for failure are nearly always in your own unconscious mind. On the other hand, people who are very successful appear to be born with this power of positive thinking. They become entrepreneurs as quickly as they can.


The Science of Getting Rich was written so that people could achieve a positive way of thinking. A feeling of self worth and take that perspective out into their daily lives to gain wealth.


Where there’s a Will


Your will is why you choose to do things. It is also why you don’t do things too. Will is why plenty of people leap out of bed before the alarm goes off while others roll over and dedicate their entire lives to being solidly behind. The first kind are full of zeal and expectations for their day. While the others are thinking adversely and do not move towards being wealthy.


The Science of Making Money can be found here today absolutely free in .pdf format. This book has empowered lots of folks.  Inspiring individuals to make the effort and change their method of thinking to positive.


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A large number of individuals have experienced fantastic benefits as a result of adopting the information contained in the Science of Getting Rich.


It is easy to become skeptical about all of the various courses and programs there are today about making personal wealth and being successful. However, when you think about it. This book would have fallen into obscurity if it did not contain so much good information.


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Keep moving forward every day and I will see you at the top.